Earth Stars
Life is nothing but a fairytale 
There is no way anyone can fail
So, just relax, inhale, exhale your judgement
Check out the real content
Your perception is bent
It’s just a trend 
To always feel so discontent
‘Cuz even when you blend
With those cool things and cool events
You still want amends
Better befriend your soul
Cuz what’s the point? 
What’s the goal?
Chill out! Enjoy! And take back YOUR control!
Read some Erchart Tolle.
Go for a stroll in Nature: don’t be a stranger to Earth.
Be a game changer! 
Have your own rebirth!
Find nothing to resent: life’s only time well spent.
There’s ever only the present moment.

We do not come from the Earth 
We are the Earth
We do not come from the Stars
We are the Stars
We do not come from the Earth
We are the Earth
We do not come from the Stars 
We are the Stars
Earth Stars

The sensuality of the sixth sense sang

Before the Big Bang 
Together we all hang
As a dense piece of dust.
We decided to combust.
Now we’re based somewhere around the infinity’s crust.
Our humanity’s progress
Is a millisecond of the endless.
So are all your life’s problems and stress.
(So is) Climate Change mess.
And human rights success,
Consumerism excess
And all this trying hard to impress with gains.
We’re living in our left brains.
Balance that strain
Train your creative spark
Bring Love and Kindness into this dark.
Create a new benchmark
Of what is normal not abnormal,
Moral not immoral.
It’s not like it hugely matters 
But you and me are the scattered 
Singularity once shattered..



Crowd's best friend
It manifests the trend 
To pretend 
With some fake [k]
Make-up, push-up, lift-up
Fashion trends
But in ya real passionate friends'
You are  
Who you are
Screw those stars
Is not caring
For the beauty of daring
To be yourself

I hate to pretent I'm Perfect, I hate to pretent I'm Perfect

I have to pretent I'm Perfect, Because I am not, I tell you that! 

People want they don't know what, Because how can you detect whether anybody is not Perfect? 

Crowd's best friend
U have to have
Prestigious wages 
Without growing stages
Without ageing
And with the super-perfect figure unchanging 
Until U R around seventy-eight
Plus the perfect weight
And face
And race
This way 
all natural seems unacceptable these days



If you buy, buy this song..
Ain’t gonna lie, it’s gonna make you happy-y

I promise, this is not a trick, Just one click, quick, quick, click quick!

Or buy it in stores, I'll give you even more for the same price

What a wise advice.

We are all baptised in too-much-is-never-enough
Such bluff! 
Buy more stuff you don’t need
Happiness guaranteed.
Let the Planet bleed while the greed succeeds.
It’s the top of the pop!
We can not stop! 

Damn, I shop therefore I am!



1. I can feel the light of the higher you

I can taste the touch of the higher you 

You, inner you

I'm too blind to meet all your changing moods

Out of sight layers of ego views

You, so true 

Shine so bright, the quiet delight I am you 
Glitter spark crashes dark I have found you! 
Flash and glaze Passion amazed, Splash those prays Inside you. 
Freshly squeezed Pleasing beliefs.
Get up of your knees You'll guide you! 

2. I can mould the shape of my inner thought

I can fold the time of the inner naught 

You, for you

I will tense the free of the inner me

I am the complete with the higher me 

And you
, So are you 


1. Crossroads, 
No right turn, 
Hands on the wheel

The rules are not up-to-date
, He is too late, so he just won't wait 

He does make a turn
, Followed by the blue-light-burn

Crash, flight, car fight
, See things in a different light ...

, To live or to die
 Or to reapply
 The challenging new life style.

Is it really worthwhile?
 To accept somebody's care.

Are you aware of 
 Who spare 
their life 
For another to survive


I do Appreciate what you do

Cause world would be messed up without you

2. Another guy
Who's wearing
 Dirty clothes, the guy from my area 

He's a caring dad of two boys Who do not feel proud
 But a little bit annoyed 
Of their dad's profession

But it is because of the recession, Economic's agression.

But I can not imagine this dirty place without a CLEANER, 
That would be an incredible catastrophe 
There are so many professions in prejudice lie!

These sort of un-prestigious guys
 Are the basics
,Are the ones that help to protect, to erect, to connect.. 
So, show at least a little respect! 

3. "Beep" is all he keeps in mind All that stays 
After a long working day 
Of touching the different goods.

Counting money that people pay, Not time to listen to what they say. 

All day the same, Every day the same, so:
 Thank you for working for us this way! 

I Do Mean

What is your age? What is your wage?

What’s the life stage that you are at?

How much do you weigh?
 How much do you pray?

How much do you hate to be questioned like that? 

What is your race? 
Any past disgrace?

Do you have any trace of an aristocrat?

Do you drink or smoke? 
Are you way too woke?

Are you a climate change protesting folk? 

Delete delete delete the questions
, Delete delete delete aggression

Here is my confession:
I love you love you love in your own beautiful expression 

I do mean what I feel

I don’t expect back anything anything but love to feel.

What is your sex?
 And who is your ex?

And have you done all your health checks? 
Now what do you eat?
 And who do you meet with?

Or are you into feet?

What did you vote for?
 Do you have shoes galore?

Do you support the war or the poor? 
How big is your piercing addiction? 
Do you believe in gun restriction?

Delete delete delete the questions
, Delete delete delete aggression

Here is my confession: 
I love you, love you, love you in your own beautiful expression 

I Do Mean what I feel

I don't expect back anything but love to feel


Feel It Out
They say don't cry, 
better lie
to yourself 
You've learned to hide 
your cry 
in your shell 
'Cause tough guys, 
they don't cry, 
alone they die.. 
But that's a lie, 
such a lie, 
I want you alive!

Don't stay tied up in your past ride 
And feel like something inside has died.

Be angry not violent 
Talk! Don't be silent! 
No man is an island. 
Talk that stuff out 
Feel it out 
It doesn't have to be loud 
Feel it out

They say don't seethe 
they say don't fume 
Better stop to breathe 
And you agree 
inside you doom 
But on the outside you smile happily 
'Cause fuming madly 
is behaving badly 
They say accept it all gladly 
But inner revolution 
is just crucial 
for any resolution.

Be angry not violent 
Talk, don't be silent 
No man is an island 
Talk that stuff out 
Feel it Out 
It doesn't have to be loud 
Feel it out!

Stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up.. 
Speak up, speak up, speak up, speak up, speak up.. 
Wake those emotions out of that grave
It's very brave to not be enslaved
It's very brave to stand up and tell your tale.

Be angry not violent 
Talk! Don't be silent
Talk that stuff out 
Feel it Out 
It doesn't have to be loud 
Feel It Out

Regular Witch 

I grew up as a strange child
With a mother that barely smiled
And a father that was a bit too wild
But we’ve all been there before
Every single life is trouble galore
As well as a happiness ore
Can you extract that ease?
That happiness and that peace
Which is present at various degrees?
We all propel forward
With our magic spell
So, focus your cells!

I’m just a regular witch
Playing with the thoughts and magic
Ha! I’m funny, never tragic.
I’m just a regular witch
Playfully splashing the neurones of love!

No question if you’ve met any pain
It’s all about how you deal with it in your brain
Have you learned anything and what’s your. Gain?
If you persist with that sad train of thoughts it will only drain
Your life of being happy and humane
So, that’s the challenge to get through
Everybody’s got a different do?? 
Gotta learn to be your own guru
We all propel forward
With our magic spell
So, focus your cells!